Cowbridge Market Results 10.3.15

18/03/2015 - Watts & Morgan

Cowbridge Market Results 10.3.15

Numbers remaining strong on last week with 793 sheep at market with an SSQ of 193.43p/kg

Lambs sold to a maximum of £100 from M/s VJ Thomas & Son, Pancross Farm for strong quality 54kg lambs closely followed by a pen of 52kg lambs @ £99.75 from the same vendor.


Superlight (17 – 25.4kg)

Average p/kg: 167 p/kg

Max p/kg: 168.89 p/kg, M/s I Thomas Partnership

Light (25.5 – 32kg)

Average p/kg: 178.98 p/kg

Max p/kg: 193.75p/kg, Mr T Morgan

Standard (32.1 - 39kg)

Average p/kg: 190.72p/kg

Max p/kg: 205.13p/kg

Medium (39.1 - 45.5kg)

Average p/kg: 198.59p/kg

Max p/kg: 205.68p/kg, M/s VJ Thomas & Son

Heavy (45.6 – 52kg)

Average p/kg: 192.60p/kg

Max p/kg: 204.17p/kg, M/s VJ Thomas & Son

Ewe numbers down on the decline but prices remaining strong reaching a maximum of £114 from Churchill & Partners for strong Texel ewes. Ewes averaged £73.60.


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