Information For Landlords

26/08/2015 - Toni Lewis

Information For Landlords

You may have heard the proposed plans for Landlord/Agent registration and licensing in Wales. Full details have yet to be confirmed but we anticipate changes will start occurring in Autumn 2015.

We are aware of some basic details revealed by the Welsh assembly government to help prepare you:

Landlord Registration:

As a landlord, even if you don't find tenants or manage the properties yourself, you will still be required to:

  • Register yourself and your rental address (each separate dwelling) via a simple online process. This will incur a cost that has not been yet confirmed.
  • Keep your correspondence information and property address up to date
  • Pay a fee for continued registration every 5 years
  • The purpose of the registration is to identify rented properties and assist local authorities with information. The register won't be public information, but tenants will have the ability to verify landlords against it.

Landlord Registration:

  • If you find tenants and/or manage at least one property yourself ( i.e collect rent, organise safety certificates, arrange maintenance), you will also be required to;
  • Obtain a landlord licence, which will incur a cost, again this has not yet been confirmed. Landlords with bigger portfolio are likely to pay more to be licensed, however this is not to be confused with HMO licensing, which is a separate system.
  • Undertake approved training, comply with imposed conditions (such as adhering to a landlord code of practice) and be deemed "fit and proper". A license will not be granted without these three core obligations
  • Pay a fee for a renewed license every 5 years

Enforcement powers will be enforced a year after the Landlord/Agent registration and Licensing comes into effect.

If Landlords do not comply the local authority will be able to:

  • Prosecute
  • Issue Fixed Penalty Notices
  • Rent Stopping Orders
  • Rent Repayment Orders
  • Restriction on terminating Tenancies

Information is still currently limited, but we have attached a link below which may help answer further questions.

If you would like to discuss the process with a member of our rental staff, please do not hesitate to contact our offices:

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