The Approach To Spring, A Blog

22/03/2018 - Watts & Morgan

The Approach To Spring, A Blog

The Approach to Spring....

The last six months have proved somewhat interesting in our local market in comparison to what would be considered the day – to –day 'norm'.

We have seen good activity right the way across the price spectrum from £100,000 right the way up to £1,000,000 plus during this period. Having said that, it has been widely accepted that the housing stock levels in the current market have been lower than previous periods, which is great for you as a property seller, but not so great for those of you looking to buy. The new properties are being snapped up as buyers watch eagle eyed, and the list for people looking to buy locally, grows as expected.

There is a light air of caution that is currently in the market regarding the Stamp Duty changes that are due to come in to force as of April. The usual mad rush to get transactions concluded prior to the change in April is currently in play, making for some very busy work schedules for the local solicitors.

I don't believe that there should be any reason to allow the Stamp Duty changes to affect your decision to sell or buy! The cost is inevitable. So, I would always advise to be savvy with your position on buying a property by doing your research and calculations. Know your budget and your price range.

The weather has a big impact on buyer's perceptions of a property, and as such the arrival of Spring is a welcome embrace. The flower beds start to bud, colour begins to appear and the sun stays longer through the day. This can really allow you to present your property in a lush and fresh prospective to your buyers. Equally, as buyers, this is the time to see houses as you can now get a feel for what the property will be like in the light. You will get a better idea for the orientation with the sun, views and how you would utilise the house for your living habits. Buying a property at this time will also allow you to aim to move in for summer where you can enjoy your new home with family and friends.

We typically see the activity in the market pick up around this time of year. Being proactive in this market is key and that is what we do.

Things to consider this month:


  1. Begin to tidy the outside areas of your property
  2. Prepare your property internally with a good 'Spring Clean'
  3. Remove any unnecessary clutter both internally and externally that you have been putting off over the winter months. Enjoy the clarity and calm of an uncluttered area.
  4. Sort out those 'little' decorating jobs that have remained on the 'to do list'.


  1. Create a tick list of your desired features. Focus on your important ones, and identify the ones you will sacrifice for the gain of others.
  2. Do your research into the areas. School Catchments, shops etc...
  3. Visit areas before viewing; get to know the locations and the surround.
  4. Have a good look at what property is on the market in these areas and make a short list.
  5. Don't let weather conditions put you off. If you love it in the rain, you will love it in the sun.
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