Covid-19 FAQ's

23/06/2020 - Watts & Morgan

Covid-19 FAQ's

Watts & Morgan Covid-19 FAQ’s

The housing market in Wales has reopened together with strict safety protocols. Please see below some frequently asked questions regarding the next few months.

Do the changes mean I can get on with planning a home move?

Yes, the new government guidelines, allow for home moves to take place. We therefore expect a gradual return to work for surveyors, solicitors, mortgage advisors, removal companies as well as estate agents. But all will be operating strict health and safety protocols meaning it will take time for the backlog that has built during lockdown to feed through the system.

Are estate agents open for business as normal?

Our offices are open and staff are in the office to take all enquiries. However, we will be limiting the amount of customers within our offices to ensure appropriate social distancing at all times.

Can I go on property viewings?

In line with government guidance we are offering a ‘virtual first’ approach to viewings wherever feasible, but as a second step can now arrange an in-person viewing where both potential buyer and vendor are in agreement, observing very strict health and safety guidelines at all times. Please see our Covid-19 viewing procedures for more details.

It is important to note that viewing parties must be restricted to a single family or household group and to a maximum of two people except in exceptional circumstances. Children under 10 years old are currently not permitted to attend a viewing.

Can I go back for second or third viewings?

There are no official restrictions, but putting health and safety first, we must aim to minimise the amount of contact between all the parties involved in a sale. Wherever possible we will look to organise follow-up viewings in person. However, follow-up questions could be dealt with virtually, perhaps via a three-way Zoom or Skype call with the vendor, buyer and agent.

I have instructed a buying agent to help me with my search. Can they join me on a viewing?

As above, government guidelines mean that those attending a viewing must be from the same household and observing the two person rule. Our advice would be for your buying agent to view a property in advance. If you then wish to view for yourself, you can arrange to meet them at the property, but they will need to remain outside during your visit.

I am thinking of selling. Can I get my home valued?

We’re adopting a similar approach to that of viewings, offering a virtual market valuation in the first instance. However, under the new guidance, we are permitted to conduct in-person valuations visits, so the choice really is for the client to make. The key, as ever, is to select an agent with very good local knowledge.

Surveyors can also visit your home, or a home you wish to buy, to complete a survey, but they must follow the same strict government guidelines.

I’m a seller wondering what protocols will be in place for viewings on my property?

Please see our website link for our Covid-19 viewing procedures:

A family member has been advised by the NHS to shield. What should we do about viewings?

If you or anyone in the household belongs to the clinically extremely vulnerable group as identified by the NHS and should be shielding would you please inform us so we can discuss what additional precautions should be taken.

We will also be asking all buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants important questions relating directly to Covid-19. If you or anyone in the household has experienced within the last 14 days or is currently experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, or any general symptoms of being unwell, or have been in contact with anyone experiencing such symptoms within the last 14 days, please let us know and the viewing will be postponed.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any other questions. Our contact page is here:

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