Telecommunication masts have become a fixture of the countryside since the early 1980’s are now very much taken for granted.

Our experienced valuers have over 20 years experience in dealing with telecommunication masts to include negotiations for new sites, dealing with amendments to existing sites and rent reviews.

When you are contacted by a telecommunication company seeking new rights, to renegotiate existing rights or where you have a telecommunication mast on your land and need advice on your rights to review the rent please contact us. We can advise on the following:-

  • New site negotiations
  • Rent Reviews
  • Lease renewals on expiry of existing leases.
  • Site sharing
  • Network consolidation

For more information or advice please call Watts and Morgan LLP Rural Department on 01446 774152 (select Option 1), email [email protected] or email us via our contact page.

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